The Team

Adrian Lim – Founder

+ Electronic Engineer with 15 years telecommunication experience with one of Asia’s leading Telco. Venture Capital lead technology consultant for 5 years and this is his second start up after exiting. Exposed to system integration environment with project management skill set in video streaming, data compression, collaboration and data networks. Solution savvy and cost sensitive is his mantra for helping clients increase productivity and profits through IoT. +

Jervis Ong – Co-Founder / Machine Learning Scientist

+ Jervis specializes in methods to automate Machine Learning model selection and hyperparameter tuning. Prior to this, he was an Angela-Dunn Gardiner scholar at the University of Cambridge, pursuing a MASt in Astrophysics. He is a recipient of both the Ida Freund Prize and the Leo Pincherle Prize, prizes that recognise excellence in the field of Natural Sciences.. +

Amin Hakin – IoT Developer

+ Computer Science graduate from Universiti Malaya with majors in artificial intelligence and neural networks. Amin is proficient in database development, python programming, AWS and device communication. He is notably fluent in technology sprints, winning quite a few hackathons locally and overseas . +

Malcolm Smith – Technology Advisor

+ Ph.D in Electronic Engineering, specialising in RFIC including architectural design to transceiver system and circuit design. Having delivered hardware and system solutions in the cellular, WiFi and IoT markets. Continues to be a prolific trainer and his previous experience in Intel, Google and Panasonic has given him good depth in understanding customer IoT requirement. His project experience ranges from media, network and cell phone communication. +

Ella Tan – Team Lead

+ Biomedical Science graduate with over 10 years of Sales & Marketing experience. Ella’s edge is in social media marketing, addressing customer journeys and branding. She is the creative juice in our technical world and she fronts the marketing needs of Desight range of products for the people and vehicle monitoring solution. +