This Is New Three

The ADF5904 downconverts the receiver signals using the local oscillator input signal or LO source that is generated on the transmitter companion IC, called the ADF5901. All the RF inputs on the ADF5904 are simple singleended inputs, and these are internally connected to the integrated baluns used to convert the receiver signals to differential signals achieving higher performance amplification and downconversion processing. The singleended RF interface connections ease the PCB design task considerably in designing the RF port connections of the IC to the printed circuit board (PCB) antennas where 50 Ω PCB line traces are only required without the need for external matching passive components, saving considerable board space. One of many of the ADF5904’s technical highlights is that it achieves world-class receiver-to-receiver channel isolation performance of 30 dB even with this high level of integration in a low cost plastic package. Careful RF layout around the receiver input pins is required to maintain this excellent 30 dB receiver-to-receiver isolation performance.

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